How to Choose the Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses

After the wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses are often one of the most difficult choices for brides, after all your bridesmaids will be in most wedding photos and memories.


While choosing your wedding gown is all about you, your body type, style and personality, your bridesmaids will all be different. So how can you possibly decide on the perfect style for all of them?


There are a few ways to address this.


One avenue is to let your bridesmaids choose their own dresses (with your approval of course) staying within your chosen colour scheme. This way not only will each bridesmaid find the perfect dress for their budget but they can find something that suits their body type and style and it really could be something they wear again.


Different bridesmaid dresses can look stunning, adding unique details to the wedding party, letting each person’s personality shine through. It also gives you an opportunity to add depth to your colour palate with varying shades and tones of the same colour.

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Another option to consider is choosing a universally flattering colour or style. Jewel tones such as burgundy, navy and emerald are known for being flattering against most complexions making them a popular choice for brides.

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One of the most universally flattering dress styles is the A-line because it draws attention to the waist, allowing it to appear smaller, and flowing down around the hips and legs creating that coveted hourglass figure.

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Regardless of what colour, styles and theme you decide for your bridesmaid dresses, one of the most important things to consider is your bridesmaids. Be open to their feedback about styles, colours and shapes because at the end of the day you want them to feel comfortable and beautiful in their own skin.