Destination weddings: why and why not?  


There’s something exciting about travelling to an exotic locale for a destination wedding. But what do you have to consider before jetting off to the Bahamas for that tropical escape?


First, there is you and your partner, would having a destination make your wedding day more special or simply more stressful? Destination weddings have so many details to consider that it’s almost impossible to plan without an experienced wedding planner, not only do you need to find an international makeup artist, florist and other vendors but there are also local and Australian laws that you need to consider.

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Another thing to think about are friends and family, will your best friend who just landed her dream job be able to get time off work? Or what about your sister who has just given birth? Sometimes a destination wedding can be difficult for guests to attend. One way to navigate this is to speak to family and friends and find a date that works best for everyone – after all, your wedding day is also about celebrating with your nearest and dearest.

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Probably one of the most important aspects of deciding on a destination is choosing whether to hire an event planner or not. If you are able to speak the native language of the country your wedding will be held and you would love nothing more than to spend as much time as possible planning then you might not need one. But language barriers, time differences and cultural differences can prove to be huge obstacles when planning a destination wedding, so finding an experienced local wedding planner will be a must-have for most couples.

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A destination wedding is an amazing opportunity to create new memories with not just your partner but also family and friends. Whether you’re escaping to rustic vineyards, a lush garden or a pristine beach, a destination wedding will create memories for a lifetime. Just don’t forget to take your honeymoon, because you deserve two holidays!