Our guide to finding the perfect wedding shoes  

Bridal shopping always focuses on the dress and while choosing your wedding gown is a special and memorable process it doesn’t mean that you should neglect important accessories, like your shoes.


Normally when choosing shoes the only question asked is “does this suit my dress?” but what brides should really be asking is “can I walk more than two steps in these?”


After all, you are wearing these shoes for at least 5 hours.


There are certain styles and brands that are synonymous with wedding day glam and luxury, but this doesn’t always translate to comfort. In fact, one of the most popular wedding shoe brands ‘Christian Louboutin’ is notorious for being torture devices!


If you can’t help but picture those red soles in your bridal flat lays and have your heart set on a pair of Loubs, there are a few ways to balance style and comfort. Opt for a heel lower than 100mm and try to avoid pointed toe styles.


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But Christian Louboutin isn’t the only shoe offender. Any pointed-toe stiletto heel will cause you grief because of the pressure it places on the balls of your feet, your arches and the minimal support the pinpoint heel provides your heels.


So, now you’re wondering, what styles should I wear on my wedding day?


Block heels are having a moment right now. They’re being paired with summer dresses, skirts and denim. But most importantly they are C-O-M-F-O-R-T-A-B-L-E! Blocks heels are the type of shoes you can wear on a day full of errands but still look chic and stylish. So not only can you confidently walk down the aisle without a misstep, you can dance the night away without so much as a blister.


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Another option for brides that want the height of high heels but want to wear their shoes all night long are platforms! While this style may look sky-high they’re actually quite comfortable. This is because the platform brings the balls of your feet closer to your heel, reducing the strain on your arches. Platforms with a chunky heel are an added bonus as they add more stability despite the fact you’re walking in heels.


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However, for absolute and total comfort opt for flats! And no, flats don’t translate to bland and boring. Ballet flats, sandals and even sneakers have become more popular amongst modern brides which means there are so many different styles and designs to choose from to suit your wedding venue, theme and style.

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