Proposing to your girl gang

Now that you’ve gotten your dream proposal and the newly engaged excitement has started to calm down, it’s time for you to start planning your own proposal – that is, your bridesmaid proposals.

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Gone are the days of calling your best girlfriends and asking them to be part of your bridal party, future brides are now cultivating their own, unique proposals for their nearest and dearest. But how do you plan a bridesmaid proposal and what is usually involved?


First thing’s first …stationary! With bridesmaid proposals becoming so popular there are quite a few stationary options from free printouts, stationary boutiques or you could even write each potential bridesmaid a handwritten note for a sentimental touch.


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When it comes to the gifts you want to include it really depends on what tone you want to set for your nuptials and what you and your girlfriends (or guys friends, we’re all about the bridesman) are like as a group of friends.


Do you love going out for a night on the town? Maybe a bottle of rose with a customised label and an engraved champagne glass to toast to all your future celebrations together is your best bet.


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Or do you and your girl gang prefer to cuddle up on the couch and watch Sex and the City reruns? Get some matching pjs for your next movie date and why not include some luxe skincare and turn it into a pamper session?



If you’re still unsure of what to include in your proposal or you don’t have time to handpick everything then don’t fret! There are so many gift box services that curate bridesmaid boxes whilst letting you add name or date customisation for each bridesmaid.